First of all congrats for embracing motherhood and bravely withstanding the nine long months of pregnancy and pregnancy labor pains. All of you moms out there deserve a standing ovation! It is no easy task, and we too know it! Now is the time to begin the rollercoaster journey of motherhood! It can be overwhelming, tiring and even irritating at times. But trust me, just a cute little toothless smile and those wet kisses all over your face are more than enough to wash all the blues away! The Baby Guides is here to guide you and offer you some tips to take care of your precious little bundle of joy. The link ponders on the possibilities of choosing a child’s gender through IVF methods.

After Birth Of The Baby
The time just after the birth is a difficult phase. New mothers struggle to get adjusted to taking care of the baby and also coping up with the pains of surgery if you had a cesarian birth. Mothers often find it difficult to learn to breastfeed the baby. If you are struggling to hold the baby right and direct the baby’s face to suck the milk; relax! You are not alone! Almost all the mothers struggle to get things done in the initial stages. It is perfectly normal.

Most of the hospitals have expert lactation professionals who can help you to get an idea about the process. Besides that, the nurses and health specialists can also help you and guide you. Here the trick is to not strain yourself too much and give time for you and your baby to get accustomed to each other. Within a matter of a few weeks, you will be handling things like a pro! That is the magical power of a mother!

You can even hire help or a home nurse to take care of you and your baby during the initial days. The sleepless nights and the trauma of labor might tire you out, and you need some help, comfort, and care during the first few months. Your close relatives or parents can also help you in taking care of your newborn till you find your feet and learn the ropes.

Taking Care Of A Newborn
Taking care of a newborn baby is no easy task mainly because you are new to it and need some time to get it right. Check out some of the basic points to be remembered:
Ø Always make sure you wash your hands or at least use a hand sanitizer before you pick the baby up. The baby is fragile and can easily catch infections. Hence anyone who takes the baby must ensure that their hands are clean.
Ø The baby’s neck is not yet stable enough. Hence, always ensure that you support the head, neck, and back of the baby while you pick him/her up. Cradle the little one supporting the neck as well as head portions carefully.
Ø Never shake the baby rigorously. A newborn baby is very delicate and should be handled with extreme caution. Never try playing games by shaking it too much. You can also get all frustrated taking care of a crying baby and might end up shaking the baby a bit too much out of anger. Never do that! It can even cause bleedings in the brain of the baby and can lead to fatal accidents.

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