Differences Between Moissanite And Diamond

Moissanite vs Diamond

It takes a very well informed and insightful person to tell the difference between diamond and moissanite by a single look at the stone because of the extreme similarity between these two stones. The price of moissanite is a lot lesser than the price of diamond of the same size, but in terms of appeal and beauty, moissanite comes very close to the aura of the diamond. Awesome sites like have stated that many experts with a great amount of wisdom and knowledge also fail to differentiate between diamond and moissanite with the expected degree of ease and lucidity. So, opting for a necklace that is made from moissanite can give you the appeal associated with diamond and save you money as well.

It is perfectly apt and correct to say that there is no alternative for diamond which can equal diamond not only in terms of the sparkle and beauty but also in terms of price. The amount of money that any person will have to spend to buy a moissanite stone will be almost 10-15 percent of the money that he will have to spend in order to buy a diamond. It is obvious that the uniqueness of the shine and spark of Moissanite are enough to ensure that this stone is also considered to be a gem. The other factor about which many people do not know much is that moissanite is also not very commonly found on the surface of the earth.

So, there are very few doubts with regards to Moissanite being referred to as a gemstone because of the two reasons that have been talked about in the previous paragraph. There are some major chemical differences between diamond and moissanite about which a person must be aware if he wants to understand these two stones in a better way.

The reality is that the moissanite stone is made from silicon carbide whereas diamond has the right amount of carbon content. Hence, if you want to separate a moissanite stone from a diamond, then using methods of differentiation between carbon and silicon carbide can be used most correctly.

Some other physical properties can also be used properly to distinguish between diamond and moissanite in a very accurate and suitable style. If you are familiar with the concept of double refraction and understand this phenomenon, then the task of differentiating between diamond and Moissanite will not be very tough for you.

In fact, info about double refraction can prove to be a lot more valuable than most of you may ever think because it can be a sure shot way to tell a diamond from moissanite. The moissanite stone exhibits double refraction, but diamond does not exhibit this sort of refraction under any circumstances.

The look of the girdle which is located on the side of diamond and moissanite can also be used to understand whether a certain stone is a moissanite or diamond. In the case of Moissanite stone, the girdle is a lot smoother than it is in diamond.

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